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"the life of an icon making lady"

- this is the fashion junkie, and she's back with a fiery

the fashion junkie
5 June 1990
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  • fjunkie@livejournal.com
The Junkie
The Journal
She is 19 year old fashion obsessed chick, what a shocker! She hearts making icons, especially stock icons, and will hopefully get a hold of creating the fashion icons shes been meaning to make...shh don't remind her she gets very upset. She is in love with eveything Audrey Hepburn and her favourite designers include; John Galliano, Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera and Marc Jacobs. Well, incase you wanted to know more about the sassy girl, shes says to befriend her and she will tell you all her secrets, including the fact that she still sleeps with her baby pillow (opps)
This is an icon based journal which basically includes everything to do with icons. She is currently working on a community called luxx icons, so others can share her creative obbsession f icons. This icon journal mainly consists of stock icons, and will, hopefully, have a few more than few less fashion icons. All images are to be save onto the users own computer and should be creditted out of the respect of the creator and the journal. Images are also all high quality jpegs and are nothing less.
The Icons
The Friends
She loves to createicons mainly based on stocks, especially on animals like bunnies and flowers. Basically anything that has great color potiential. She barely to never uses any textures and uses simple tiny fonts to add intrest. She will post tutorials on how she creates these fabulous icons since you all are so dying to know.
I am welcoming anyon to befirend so you don't have to ask, go right ahead. I need more friends anyways hehe...juss kiddin..im not a loner!

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